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    14 July 2010

    White Widow - Royal Queen Seeds
    Undoubtedly a good example of what represents a White strain cannabis seeds plant with a big Indica influence, fairly low yields, but strong buzz and meaty, firm bodied buds. Preventive measures must be taken and humidity kept dose to 60% during growth and at the start of flowering, in this way, attacks by the red spider mite, arch-enemy of this strain, are avoided. On the other hand, to avoid certain moulds that the White Widow is susceptible to, humidity must be kept fairly low towards the end of flowering.
    True to her name, she has a frosting of white crystals on her buds and inner leaves. Dedicated growers who know how to Look after the White Widow will reap the rewards when it comes to harvesting, since she has an undeniable buzz, and at the same time a pleasant fruity flavour, making her an ideal herb for chilling out and savouring the flavour. Feminised.

    AK47 x Lowryder - Lowryder Seeds
    An F1 cross of a Lowryder #2 cannabis seeds and the new Automatic AK-47 cannabis seeds in which the parents have passed on their best genetic characteristics: a high resin yield, a fruity aroma carefully selected from Lowryder #2 phenotypes and the size and branches of the Automatic AK-47. This polyhybrid is completely auto-flowering and matures 70-75 days of germination, reaching an optimum size if given enough light (intensity and time).
    The best conditions are 20 hours of light and 4 of darkness during the whole cycle. Outdoors, the best season (for yield) is between May and August, but it's very easy to do more cycles per season up until November. In winter, it's not recommendable (although the plant develops the same) because the poorer light quality has a considerable effect on the yield. Automatic.

    Speed Devil - Sweet Seeds
    This auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminised strain is Sweet Seeds first autoflowerer. She can be grown at any time of the year as her flowering time is independent of the season or photoperiod. All of the plants start to flower after approximately the forth real pair of leaves appears. This strain produces extra fast plants that are ready to be harvested with ripe and perfectly formed, resinous and aromatic buds just 60 days after germinating the seeds. This group of strains includes the quickest flowerers known today. The size of the plants at the end of flowering is small, no more than 80 cm in height, which makes them very fast and discreet. In addition, normal flowering for these plants is not affected by light pollution like street lamps, which inhibits flowering on other cannabis plants.
    These plants have no great nutritional demands and during their short growth cycles fertilizers are not necessary if the substratum is a good quality. Weekly watering with fertilizer is usually enough to develop these speedy little demons during their short flowering cycle. A sweet musky aroma with notes of yeast and cheese. Feminised.

    Bubblegum - Serious Seeds
    In 2004, after a bit of a winning streak in which she picked up a good few awards, Soft Secrets named Bubblegum their plant of the year and since then she's been very popular with growers. Her acidic, strawberry bubblegum flavour can be better appreciated by using a vaporizer than by smoking her. She's a very productive plant with a sweet flavour meaning you can be generous with the fertilizer and be rewarded with abundant harvests. It's the only Serious Seeds cannabis seeds strain that isn't an F1, which is why the bank recommends a little more patience during the first stages, whereas in actual fact the plant poses no problems for beginners. One of her phenotypes is branched and the other, the more interesting of the two, has a central bud. Pruning can be used if you want to limit the height. Her generous foliage produces copious transpiration, meaning it resists the red spider mite better than most. There's no need to worry about over-watering her, for a good harvest give her as much as she wants.
    Grown outdoors she's harvested at the start of October. She withstands humidity well and gives good bud yields without too much work. She a predominantly Indica plant, with a touch of Sativa which makes her lighter, so she doesn't knock you out with her buzz. Normal.

    Kandahar - Ministry of Cannabis
    Grow Report. I got 2 bags of Kandahar in September in combination with the cooltube that I have just installed in my DarkRoom cupboard. I germinated 10 cannabis seeds and after 5 days I got 10 little plants. I planned to grow 6 of them, so I gave the other 4 to my sister-in-law. After a few days I put the 6 sisters into big pots of about 9 litres, and started to fertilize them directly with Biocanna Terra Vega, this time skipping a root stimulator. This plant is an authentic super Indica strain and produces the fattest leaves I've euer touched. I was already excited at this stage just thinking about all the sugar in the big leaves, which would soon become the bricks for building fat heavy buds. In less than 4 weeks the plants were ready to flower, so I switched to 12/12. The first pistils appeared after 12 days, and the first resin crystals after 19 days. After that, the flowering accelerated and the little buds were covered in resin by the 4th week. After the first month, the flowering process became more regular and the growth and ripening of the buds progressed at a much more regular rhythm. I cut them on day 59, when about 60% of the pistils were brown. I like (and this is my personal opinion) to harvest Indicas a few days early, so the effect is less lethargic. In any case, I started to smoke it after 5 days, and the effect was similar to drinking a young wine. When it's properly dried and cured, after a month this strain comes into its own. I don't recommend it to inexperienced smokers, because this is serious shit; I think the THC content is even higher than what the producer declared (or maybe I'm a great grower).
    I found Kandahar's aroma really nice, it's an earthy, warm smoke with a walnut aftertaste. Despite cutting one or two or maybe even 3 buds along the way, I jumped with joy when it came to weighing my bumper crop (average yield was more than 80 g per plant). Feminised.

    Bonkers - Next Generation Seed Company
    The Bonkers cannabis seeds strain is a favourite in Canadian British Columbia. Originally bred as an outdoor strain on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, this strain brings together many of the main selection criteria to create the ultimate outdoor plant. The amount of resin is astounding on this strain and even appears on the fan leaves, making it a hash producers dream, the whole plant can be used with hardly any waste. Designed to be mould¬resistant in the rainy outdoor weather. Fruity and smooth tasting buds.
    For the past 5 years, Next Generation Seed Company has selectively bred this new hybrid in an attempt to stabilize their favourite features. Big yields are a must in breeding the ultimate outdoor plant and this one has what it takes to fill the bags. Even the lower branches are big with fist size buds. Bonkers has some auto-flowering characteristics that are brought out if the plants are grown in containers or are at all root bound. An inexperienced grower may find it difficult to keep a mother vegetative for a Jong time. Just remember if you want to keep a mother vegetative or keep her until the next outdoor season, you'll need to keep her nitrogen levels up, blocking the tendency to auto-flower. With cuttings, sometimes it's easier to clone the fresh tips and wait until another round of fresh tips come through from these rooted cuttings. She clones easily as she's a softer tissued plant that roots without any problems.
    In the last few years at NGSC they've grown a few rounds of Bonkers with amazing results. Very fast flowering, the flowers form in 6-7 weeks and the buds are huge. Excellent for Sea of Green growers. In future generations of breeding, this plant will be selected for greater bud density and less foliage. This strain is leafier than many other strains, working on the theory that the abundance of smaller leaves provides direct energy to the flowers creating much fatter buds in return. Normal.

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